Monday, July 27

Good Good-Byes and Sad Good-Byes

The Good Good-Byes:
  • Futon left our place to begin its cross-country trip to my friend Cammie in Baltimore
  • Bedside table #1 moved to Midtown with a coworker
  • All our plates/dishes, plus some extra bakeware left with Britton's brother
  • Flour and sugar disappeared into chocolate chip cookies
There used to be a futon along that brick wall.
Texting a pic to my sister of what's left unclaimed of our pots and pans.
That extra flour and sugar won't bake itself into cookies!
The Sad Good-Byes:
  • My brave friend Bo, who is preparing for Big Life Things
  • My energetic niece and nephews, who are already primed for FaceTiming
  • My brother and sister-in-law, who have been so supportive through everything!
Only a few tears, and only a few more while thinking about the first wave of tears. But some of the tears were happy because I have such perfect people in my life, and we made some really fun memories today. It's pretty wild to realize that the "real" good-byes have already started. 

Saturday, July 25

Getting rid of your stuff is liberating.

I almost wrote that I wish we had more time to purge our loft of all of our things, but that's not totally true. We've had seven years (three living together) to clean this stuff out of here, and we would never do it if it was an open-ended time frame. And if it were a longer time frame, we would've just waited until the last minute anyway.

We're procrastinators with a clutter problem.

Or maybe clutterers with a procrastination problem.

Either way, we have so much STUFF.

Have you read THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by Marie Kondo? I checked it out from the local library, before it was cool, after I heard an interview with one of the translators on NPR. And in case that's not the most hipster thing you've read today, here's a pink hipster elephant:

So, all this purging is like her book coming to life in my house. One part of the method is to get all similar items in the same place, and then sort through them (you should read the book for how she teaches to be OK with getting rid of things). For example, today I learned we own seven different patterns of dish towels, and have several set of bed sheets that don't even fit our bed

Too many dish towels (and pot holders)!


Er, I mean, gift them to your brother and sister!

Brothers, in case you don't have one of your own, are the bomb-diggity. Mine installed new lighting in our bathroom, which has been on our to-do list since Britton bought the loft. In 2008.

All of our furniture has been claimed (except a few pieces that we really like) and will go to new owners within the next week or so. I'm slowly cleaning out kitchen appliances and pots and pans. I'm starting to feel like I really will be successful in unearthing every bloody thing from this sodding flat. 

Also, Britton bought his first-ever one-way international plane ticket, and our visas arrived! We are official, ladies and gents!

Monday, July 20

We're going on an adventure!

Britton and I are moving to London!
We have so many family members and friends who are eager to keep tabs on us that this seems like it'll be the easiest way to distribute information. That, and maybe a Facebook page (tbd).

Here's what we know so far:
  1. We're leaving the country August 10. We're having a party August 1. Yes, you're invited. Or, contact us if that day doesn't work and you still want to see us!
  2. We will have temporary housing provided by Britton's company for 30 days once we get there. After that initial 30-day stint, we are 100% on our own, just like we would be in the States.
  3. We'll scout housing almost immediately when we arrive. We really like the Maida Vale neighborhood. 
    • Our place will most likely be teeny-tiny (think: 240-sq-ft studio). We're choosing Maida Vale over a neighborhood that is a little farther out, where we could get a little bit more space, but have to ride the train in to the city every day. (Britton's offices are very near Paddington Station.) 
    • Maida Vale is also well-positioned on transit lines, so whenever I get a job it hopefully will be relatively easy to commute.
    • We're working with a relocation specialist who knows the ins-and-outs of renting in the UK. She is going to save our sanity. 
  4. I get a work visa under Britton's visa. This is apparently rather rare, so we are quite thankful that this is the case!! I haven't started a "real" search yet — I will hit that hard once we're in London — but am keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities.
  5. We're selling our stuff. All of it (except clothes). Most apartments in London are rented furnished, so we should only have to supplement a few pots and pans once we're over there. We had the choice between shipping our things over or taking a cash buyout, and chose the latter.
  6. We'll take all the help we can get. Do you have a random relative in the UK? How about an old college roommate? Any job leads or just delicious places to grab a bite to eat? Let us know!
  7. We want you to visit! Finding a place that can accommodate a guest or two is high on our priorities list. So, while 240sqft might not fit that bill, we're hopeful that a couple dozen extra square feet might do the trick. London is for exploring, apartments are for sleeping!

Wednesday, April 2

Vegetables: CONQUERED! (Veggies #6.10)

I totally eat Brussels Sprouts now.

So there.

AND I'm better about trying new veggies. But to be perfectly honest, I still don't like most of them.


#30DaysOfBiking Days 1 & 2

Two relatively light days, due to schedule constraints and weather. Boo on you, rain (but don't go away because the region needs you)!

April 1:
My ride to the streetcar public comments, which had already ended but who cares when you get to ride a bike!

April 2:
I am invincible with rain boots and fenders.