Wednesday, April 2

Vegetables: CONQUERED! (Veggies #6.10)

I totally eat Brussels Sprouts now.

So there.

AND I'm better about trying new veggies. But to be perfectly honest, I still don't like most of them.


#30DaysOfBiking Days 1 & 2

Two relatively light days, due to schedule constraints and weather. Boo on you, rain (but don't go away because the region needs you)!

April 1:
My ride to the streetcar public comments, which had already ended but who cares when you get to ride a bike!

April 2:
I am invincible with rain boots and fenders.

Monday, March 31

#30DaysOfBiking begins tomorrow!

Oh, hi there, blog. Believe me when I say I think about you a lot!

On deck in the next few months:
Numbers 15, 29 and 30.

Writing about right now:
Number 23: Go car-free one day/work week

This is more than checked off by now, and it wasn't necessarily on purpose. My "new" job (I've been here almost a year now, which is mildly ridiculous) is only about half a mile from our condo, so I walk it most days. My adorable, reliable, gas-sipping Civic has been turned over to the husband for his trek out to the hinterlands of BFK, and our CRV sits contentedly in our parking spot most days. 

I'm also  renewing my love of my bike this year in a few ways:

1. Biking more in general for exercise and fun

Husband and I rode bikes to eat pie!

2. Biking on errands

First eggs brought home by bike. No casualties!

3. Biking in the MS150 (heyyyy donate!)

4. Biking every day in April!

That last one starts – eep! – tomorrow!

But I am so excited! I started brainstorming a few places to ride in the evenings after work and I'm already wondering if I'll have time to get to them all. There are so many cool places to go in KC that I haven't been able to check out yet: restaurants, parks, local shops and more. Might as well just buy me some obscure t-shirts, fake glasses and a fixie. 

Maybe I'll even lose a few pounds?! 

(Let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

There will certainly be days when the only riding I get to do is to or from work, or the grocery store, or other close-by locale. My legs can't handle 30 days of Kansas City hills. 

But my heart sure can handle 30 days of blissful biking! I'm hoping to post something from every ride right here. So follow along!

Thursday, November 21

Venice [Europe 2012: The forgotten blog posts]

All of those romantic things you’ve heard about Venice are probably true.
I took this. It's actually this beautiful. No filters, no photoshop (except the words).
  1. Beautiful views across the water
  2. It's more fun to get lost in small alleyways than it is to know where you are. The island's not big enough to be truly lost.
  3. AMAZING food
  4. Grandiose architecture
  5. Small tables set up for dinner in Plaza San Marcos
  6. Great sex (wait, you hadn't heard that?)

One thing is not-so-true:
The Gondolas aren't romantic because you have to pay 80 EURO. That was about $120 when we were in Europe last summer (2012). And I’m all for getting spoiled, but that was more than our room cost for the night, and the ride is only 40 minutes. The other option would be to split a ride with another couple: because nothing says romantic like being on the water with total strangers who are trying to ignore you from the other side of the boat.

I can be content with the water bus.

I'll come back for you when I'm rich, Gondolas!

Pisa [Europe 2012: The forgotten blog posts]

You know what feels more productive than working today? Updating my blog about our trip to Europe last summer. Because I never finished writing about some of the best parts! Plus now Pinterest lets you pin things toa map, which is super cool. So, thus I start the first installment of Europe 2012: The forgotten blog posts.


How iconic is the leaning tower of Pisa, when you think about traveling the world? To me, it’s one of my first memories of thinking “I want to see that.” I was probably in middle school I guess? I remember being fascinated by the story that Galileo dropped cannon balls off the side of it to prove gravity worked evenly on everything. You mean to tell me that something Galileo stood on is still standing (though tilted) today??

[The train ride from Rome was fine, except that the train car we chose didn’t have a working bathroom and I forgot to “go before we left.” My mother’s words haunted me for the last thirty minutes as I did everything short of dancing around the car to not wet myself. That might have been the most uncomfortable half-hour of my life, despite the comfy chairs and beautiful Italian countryside rolling by. To make matters worse, you had to PAY FOR the bathrooms in the Pisa train station (not uncommon in Europe, mind you) and I didn’t have any change. When I finally did get some change, I wound up hurriedly dropping my dime into the turnstile for — and then walking into — the MEN’S BATHROOM. Luckily the two restrooms were connected by a custodian’s closet, which was miraculously open, and the poor custodian cleaning the bathrooms — who spoke little, if any, English — frantically waved me through. Talk about a comedy of errors.]

So. Pisa. Yes.

The bus to the tower is just a normal city bus, so we had to figure that out. The herd of dazed tourists wandering from the station helped. We rode this crazily-driven bus through the tiny city (luckily with EMPTY bladders), trying not to fall on each other, until finally the driver yelled a few Italian words and we all decided that this must be the stop, even though there was no tower and no signs suggesting a tower.

So we walked. And walked a little more. I feel like it was at least a mile. B can attest that I’m a terrible judge of distance, but I distinctly remember wondering if we would ever see this tower.

We did, of course, and it was SO. COOL. The tower’s white façade against that day’s clear, blue skies was breathtaking, and it looked just like the photos! It was like seeing a celebrity on the street. I’d seen this tower so often in photos it had become like a myth. Seeing it in person, examining the foundation, realizing that a 4-degree tilt really does matter when something is 180 feet tall… it was just awesome.

And then we took silly photos. :D